Your heart is mine for the taking,
my passion and hope for you and i
Is not worth breaking,
As you unfold yourself to me,
I find more and more beauty and gentleness in your eyes,
so I fall and fall without even knowing,
seems I stumbled upon love in a place unknowing,
the sound of your voice taking the words right from my lips.
So I wait,
and wait,
and wait,
trying to find answers for this overdosing feeling,
my speechless thoughts have yet to be revealing

and then I see your face
and its almost as if i forgot where i was standing
because your smile is just so captivating
that you captured my soul in one glance
my heart in another
for a second i could have sworn i would be the one winning
yet here i am
on my knees
giving you this peace offering
begging you to stop
because my heart just cant take this teasing
im done waiting
no more chasing
i plan on staying right here
and ima keep asking
I’m not going anywhere
Until you’re mine
If you just took the time
To take a look into my eyes
You’d see
None of this is a lie
But a lasting love
that is roaring inside
like a lion
longing to taste
the lips of it’s lover,
so sleep tight.
Sleep light,
enjoy your night my darling.
Dream sweetness,
or death.
Whichever you choose
but just know
when you wake,
ill be there